Audit Services

Audit Services

More than checklist audits …
our goal is to find an organization’s strengths, to address their weaknesses, and to help our customers improve.

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AUDIT – A dialog between partners

DQS audits are always objective, independent, and valuable. On the basis of internationally recognized standards, DQS Group offers more than 200 accredited, authorized, or notified certification programs and audit services. DQS holds international accreditations by DAkkS, ANAB, UKAS, and many more – all to meet our customers‘ needs.
DQS offices assess and certify management systems worldwide and perform more than 125,000 audits per year. Each audit is an individual analysis of your processes and management system.

Our mission starts where audit checklists end
During each audit we identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities. We support organizations that strive for success on the basis of quality-driven processes and systems. Audit objectives consider specific customer requirements and DQS auditors systematically assess the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and processes, beyond merely evaluating compliance.

Your benefits with DQS:
• More than 35 years experience in auditing
• More than 2500 auditors worldwide, with a high level of expertise in all business sectors
• A wide range of audit services
• Customised solutions
• Excellent customer service: suitable auditor selection, proactive audit planning, online customer portal and more…
• Internationally recognised DQS certificates with a high mark of quality for your customers and third parties

DQS Group ranks among the most experienced audit service providers worldwide.
Among others, we offer the following services

  • Certification audits
  • Company and process-specific audits
  • Supplier audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Performance audits
  • Inspection audits
  • Integrated system audits
  • Remote services
  • … and much more

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The road to certification

We start with you on the road to certification by entering into a dialogue with you to find out your needs and expectations. Once we know about your organization and your management system we work with you to define the objectives for the assessment or certification, subject to the applicable standards or specification. Our team will gladly walk you through the necessary steps from first contact to receiving your certificate.

See the process below so you know what to expect:

  • After the objectives have been agreed, we schedule the audit date and select an auditor with the necessary experience and competencies in your sector.
  • During the initial assessment, we evaluate whether your company meets the requirements of the selected Management Standard.
  • The audit duration depends on the size and complexity of your operations.
  • An optional gap analysis can help you identify potential for improvement and be better prepared for the certification audit.
  • After the audit, you will receive a detailed report, outlining our findings and describing the potential for improvement.
  • Should there be any non-conformities, you will have time* to correct them and implement the appropriate corrective measures.
    (subject to the requirements of the standards/specifications selected)
  • As soon as all non-conformities have been confirmed as closed, the certificate will be issued and published in the publicly accessible online DQS database.
  • In order to maintain the validity of the certificate, most standards require yearly surveillance audits that will take place in the second and third year of the certification cycle.
  • A detailed audit report is part of our service.
  • If you wish to renew the certificate, the cycle begins anew.

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Remote Audits – whenever and wherever you need them

Remote_aDigital technology is having a profound impact on Quality Management and offers new opportunities to certification bodies and their clients. A logical use of digital technologies are Remote Audits, which are an already established audit method and not a separate type of audit. However, the authors of ISO 19011 do not rank remote audits the same as on-site audits. Rather, remote audits are one of several methods that can be easily integrated into audit planning.

Remote audits are the same audits that are conducted on site. They go over the same processes and procedures, but they utilize CCAT (Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques) to conduct the interviews, document review, tours and more. In some cases, the audit can be fully remote while others are split between remote and on-site.

„Audits can be conducted on site, remotely or a combination of both. The use of these methods should be appropriately balanced, based, inter alia, on consideration of the risks and opportunities involved.”

Benefits of Remote Audits

  • No travel costs
  • More flexibility in planning without the need to account for travel time
  • Multi-site organizations can be audited jointly without unnecessary repetition
  • Minimize disruption to the organization

Do you want to know more about remote audits and how to get ready for your own remote audit?
Our White-Paper gives you more information about Principles, Requirements, Risks and Opportunities.

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DQS Remote – the solution suite for remote assurance

Is a remote audit simply an audit via video conference? It shouldn’t be! That is why we have launched DQS Remote – a suite of solutions that combines the rigor of on-site audits with the flexibility of online assurance. Whether you choose a simple online gap assessment or our Enhanced Remote Audit protocol, rest assured that it is built upon our thirty years of experience as a global leader in certification and auditing.

DQS offers the following Remote Services:

  • Enhanced Remote Audit
  • i-Assessment
  • Remote Supplier Audits
  • Remote Risk Assessment
  • Remote Training

Discover the solution suite for remote assurance: DQS Remote

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DQS Auditors & Experts

Audit as a dialogue

DQS auditors see an audit as a professional dialogue among equal partners. Rather than completing checklists, DQS auditors focus fully on the auditee and on understanding individual management systems.

Tailor-made audit planning

Each audit is planned individually and based on the needs of each individual organization. This includes the maturity of the management system, technological, economic or cultural conditions and key topics of an organization. As the majority of our auditors are qualified not only for quality management standards, but also for additional specialized areas, such as environmental, health and safety, automotive, energy management and others, DQS Group is able to provide our customers with a competent team for almost any combination of standards.

Technical competence

All DQS auditors have a complete professional education, university degrees and real business experience. Amongst our auditors are medical doctors, engineers, food safety experts, biologists, finance specialists, professors and many more. In addition to this, they also have extensive experience in management techniques and systems, and a proven record of hands-on experience in the various industry sectors they audit. Our customers benefit from their expertise.

Qualification and training

DQS promotes a harmonized audit approach and a common understanding of standard interpretations. To that end, we organize a yearly worldwide mandatory auditor training program, which includes topics like interpretation of standards, audit techniques, interview methods and case studies.

Audits as motivation

DQS auditors create a working environment which allows all people involved to genuinely represent their own field of activity. The goal is finding strengths as well as valuable improvement potential. Social competence of DQS auditors and respect are essential for a successful audit.