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MyDQS Customer Portal

At, DQS customers worldwide can access details about their locations, their audits and their certificates – regardless of country or status.

MyDQS 2.0 offers transparency and control of the status at each site: the reporting module shows authorized users the individual status of audits at locations of your choice with just a few clicks. Receive status updates on audits: information about your auditors and contact options to your customer service.

Dashboard for an overview of the status of audits with additional analytical information and reporting features

Just a few clicks will allow you to create evaluations of your audit results: view non-conformities and opportunities for improvement (OFI) of individual locations broken down by standard chapters and compare them with other locations. Or analyze and benchmark audit results from the Audit Manager with other audits in your organization. All reports can be downloaded for further processing.

With the new responsive platform, the security of customer data is state of the art. Compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a top priority for DQS. Accordingly, all data is stored exclusively on our own servers in Germany to guarantee compliance and protection of your data privacy.

If you are already a customer and need access, please contact your responsible account manager at your local DQS office. If you would like to become a DQS customers, please contact us for information and a customized offer for your organization.

Disclaimer: some features only available in combination with Audit Manager

DQS Customer Database


If you are looking to verify that a company has a valid DQS certificate, please click on the picture below and enter the relevant data in the new window. If you have problems with the form or the result, please contact

Your IQNet certificate


As of 1 May 2021, IQNet certificates will be issued via direct customer download from the IQNet database and no longer by DQS.

Identifying your certificate requires entering a specific link combination.

Please proceed as follows:

Please copy and paste:
Replace the bold, last part of the following link with your reference number, a hyphen, and the appropriate abbreviation of the DQS product ID. Please do not use spaces.
For example:

We have compiled an overview of the abbreviations for the Product IDs for you as follows:

Standard: ISO 9001:2015 ⇒ DQSProductID: qm15

Standard: ISO 14001:2015 ⇒ DQSProductID: um15

Standard: ISO 50001:2018 ⇒ DQSProductID: emst18

Standard: ISO 45001:2018 ⇒ DQSProductID: ohs18

Standard: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ⇒ DQSProductID: isms13

Standard: ISO/IEC 27001:2017 ⇒ DQSProductID: isms17

Standard: ISO/IEC 20000-1 ⇒ DQSProductID: sms11

Standard: ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 ⇒ DQSProductID: sms18

Standard: ISO 37001:2016 ⇒ DQSProductID: abms

Standard: ISO 22000:2018 ⇒ DQSProductID: fsms2018

Standard: ISO 28000:2007 ⇒ DQSProductID: smsc

The link will be available one day after the registration of the respective DQS certificate and customer data in our company database. The existing IQNet certificates already issued by DQS remain in the DQS database. However, we will not add any new IQNet certificates to our database after 1 May 2021.

One final note: in the future, IQNet certificates will no longer bear the signature of the DQS managing director.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Ukrainian DQS office.