IFS tools to improve risk management

IFS tools to improve risk management

An effective and comprehensive risk management builds the foundation for global food and product safety. However, having countless sources of information to choose from, many quality assurance managers are facing the constant challenge of maintaining a thorough risk management.


To meet this challenge, IFS has developed IFS Trend Risk Monitor and IFS WordCloud and offers these tools free of charge to IFS database users. Tools collect and sort alerts by product group, country, or hazard so that quality assurance managers can identify potential risks in their supply chains. In addition, IFS provides a monthly IFS Trend Risk Report that analyzes specific topics related to food and product safety risk management. In this way, we help IFS-certified companies comply with IFS’s risk analysis requirements for their suppliers and raw materials.

This month, the IFS Trend Risk Report covers the following topics:

  • Two pages of food fraud cases detected last month
  • world map with recalls around the world
  • data evaluation of pesticide analyses
  • A new RASFF data evaluation
  • specific market insights (i.e. price developments of raw materials) for severeal raw materials
  • direct link to our newly published IFS Doctrine Food V7
  • other relevant news regarding food safety and food fraud

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IFS also reports that the Product Fraud Guideline has now been agreed with IFS Food 7.
The latest version of which can be downloaded from their website.


According to IFS Risk Management Team sources

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