Summer issue of DQS Compact

Summer issue of DQS Compact

Who would have expected – the new DQS Compact has been released!

What’s interesting is offered there:

You may have heard of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals, but do you know how they relate to the DQS assessment and certification business? Read how ISO 14001 can be used to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and improve life, climate and well-being around the world.

ISO 50001 Energy Management also serves some of the Sustainable Development Goals, but it mainly helps companies like BOSCH to improve their quality of life and conserve natural resources.

Logistics customers may be interested in how TAPA PSR supports companies such as Truckparking Rotterdam, improves security and increases the number of its customers.

Information security ISO 27001 is used in any business sector and gives UKRENERGO the opportunity to integrate the Ukrainian energy system into ENTSO-E.

DQS is especially proud to showcase Phoenix Lighting, a client from the United States who was able to assist with the pandemic relief in New York.

The culmination of this release is a brief overview of MyDQS 2.0 and the ICompliance standard, which replaced the AuditOne system.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

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